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  Developing, Applying and Optimizing XSLT with Java Servlets
Subject:   Tools to make it easier
Date:   2001-06-20 09:55:57
From:   dayreyl
The architecture you present is quite solid; I think it might be useful to refer readers to some open-source, pure Java tools which facilitate the use of such a design. First (and perhaps foremost), there is the Apache XML Project's Cocoon (http://xml.apache.org/cocoon), which not only implements a very similar architecture to the one you describe, but provides support features such as compilation of XSLT stylesheets to pure Java transformers, and a JSP replacement called XSP, which is used to construct dynamic XML content (and is also compiled to Java classes).

Second, readers may be interested in Castor (http://castor.exolab.org), which is a Java Data Objects engine that supports transparent mapping between RDBMS data, XML, and Java objects. In addition, Castor includes a code generation tool which will product Java source code for classes following the same structure as an XML schema.

Finally, there are a number of useful adjunct projects to the Enhydra application server (http://www.enhydra.org). While less XSLT-centric than Cocoon, several (including Zeus, an XML-to-Java data binding tool, and Osage, a Java-to-RDBMS persistence engine) offer very tempting features, especially considering their open-source status.

While each of these tools have their own APIs and configuration methods to learn, they can pay off large dividends in a larger application, without requiring you to pay the heftly licensing fees expected by commercial XML application server vendors.

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  • The XSLT Architecture
    2007-03-21 13:21:47  ErkanCengiz [View]

    If you are interested in a tool that works in this architecture; it is "MoreMotion" which exists since 2003. The problem with MoreMotion was it was too expensive and it was not open source.

    Starting with version 4, which will be released on 19th of April 2007, the company decided to open the java source codes.

    The MoreMotion Frame work also has an integrated and advanced MVC controller. A JavaScript Framework is also included that supports exta-ordinary Ajax functionality such as SuggestBox and RefreshPanel, provides enormous flexibility, and precise control on the user interface.

    Plase wait for 19th of April.