Types of JOINs
Subject:   aboutSQL
Date:   2001-06-18 20:08:15
From:   mhauser
Hi John,
Thank you for writing these articles! I first learned SQL 4 years ago and I haven't used it very much since. I thought I had forgotten everything, but your articles really bring it back. And your explainations are much clearer than the professor's lectures(He was from Hong Kong and has quite an accent).
Now if you could just explain normalizing a table, my re-education would be complete!
Thanks again,
Marilyn Hauser
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    2006-06-29 14:35:12  Gooser [View]

    Best reference EVER* on Normalization is this:


    * The use of 'EVER' suggests that I am omnipotent and omniscient, which I am not. But you ARE sure to enjoy this reference. There is some other good material on Marc's site, which you may like to read.