Cross-Browser Layers, Part One
Subject:   Author's response - short extra note
Date:   2001-06-08 06:38:57
From:   budi
Response to: Author's response - short extra note

Hi Stig,
I am sure there are a lot of users who, like myself, find your comments inspiring. All that you said are right. Netscape 6 has its own way for layers. However, if you code layers for Netscape 6, Netscape 4.x users will feel abandoned. I am sure the newer "layer" will eventually be the de facto standard. How long it will take to replace the old technology entirely is for us to wait and see.
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  • Author's response - short extra note
    2001-11-18 15:44:33  darknerd [View]


    I think you are making it sound way more complicated that it really is. Stig added other code snippets in article 2 to show just how simple it is to add W3C support.

    I don't quite understand your aversion to adding support for W3C DOM. There is no new added learning curve.

    By not added W3C support, just frustrates us newbies out there, who want to make their code simply work, not just on older incapable browsers, but also on newer exciting developments from IE6, NS6, Mozilla, and Opera5.

    - Joaquin