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  Linux on an iPAQ
Subject:   Why?
Date:   2001-06-06 10:50:09
From:   cspangen
Why install linux on an IPAQ when you will be able to get PDA's with linux pre-installed soon, like the on that sony is comming out with. People that do not use Windows do not need to go through the hassle of dealing with windows just to install linux.


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  • Why?
    2001-06-14 08:27:10  tetherow [View]

    The author was incorrect in stating you have to use active sync to install the bootloader. I did a complete install on my iPAQ to HH v0.21 and the only windows I had to deal with was WinCE on the iPAQ while I installed OSLoader.
    • Why?
      2003-07-17 10:12:06  anonymous2 [View]

      AciveSync via Serial (not USB) used to be required, but now you can install using Compact Flash, ActiveSync, a Linux version of ActiveSync, (I believe USB works now too) and there are a number of other ways to install. Check the handhelds.org site, as there are always new ways in development.