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  Using JMeter
Subject:   JMeter works as a charm
Date:   2004-04-05 03:47:28
From:   navenet
Response to: JMeter works as a charm


I just started using JMeter with jakarta.apache.org as test site(For learning) . After I am done with the tests, it shows Results in table (with Success? checkbox still clear). Does it mean something went wrong while accessing this URL?

And HOW TO INTERPRET the graph results which shows some dotted lines drawn randomly.

Any help will be appreciated.

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  • JMeter works as a charm
    2006-01-26 11:43:41  reksk [View]

    hi ,
    Can you please give me some tips on how you wer able to start jmeter on Linux as when i start it im getting a Java.lang.class not found exception.