More on JOINS
Subject:   Relationship: one to one
Date:   2001-06-04 16:22:32
From:   edith30
I'm new on sql, please explain more about how can I make the selects statement in order to output the fields from diferents tables at the same time in this kind of relationship (one to one).


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  • Relationship: one to one
    2001-06-08 06:14:43  wallinbl [View]

    If you have a Customer Table (with columns CustKey, CustFirstName, CustLastName) and an Address Table (with columns AddrKey, CustKey, AddrLine1, AddrLine2), to get all fields from both tables, you would write a query like this:

    SELECT * FROM Customer INNER JOIN Address ON
    Customer.CustKey = Address.CustKey

    This statement would return the fields: Customer.Custkey, Customer.CustFirstName, Customer.CustLastName, Address.AddrKey, Address.CustKey, Address.AddrLine1, Address.AddrLine2.