End of Shutter Lag? The Contax SL300R T* Might Be the Sign of Good Things to Come
Subject:   Thanks!
Date:   2004-03-25 22:53:26
From:   eichin
Reading this article inspired me to do some followup research, ending with my own SL300RT* showing up today :-) It makes a worthy replacement for the Canon S200. I haven't missed the tripod mount - shooting with the camera "flat" makes up for it, and actually takes better "dashboard movies" than I'd ever managed with a conventional mount. The ability to directly couple to a 28mm ring is a major win, even if the adaptor is plastic - it works surprisingly well with an 8x zoom scope for extra range. (Google even finds one site with one of these cameras on a real telescope, taking moon shots in daylight...)

The one thing I'm still looking for - the S200 (and S110) could store an "owner" name in an EXIF tag - it was a convenient place to stuff an email address, especially for photos that circulate on the net. Having a "real" USB connector and generic drive mode is more than worth it, but is there a trick I've missed, or is tagging afterwards the best I can do?

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  • Derrick Story photo Re: Thanks! Adding Metadata
    2004-03-26 19:50:35  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    You're most welcome. I'm sure you're going to enjoy shooting with this camera. I have some business in San Francisco tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to filling up an SD card using the Contax. Btw: I'm really getting hooked on the waist level shooting. It feels so much more comfortable.

    I looked into the "owner name" question, and I do have a slick post processing trick if you have Photoshop CS (or 7 too I think). If you go to File > File Info, you can enter lots of metadata that persists with the image. I tried building an Action that would automatically enter this info for me, and it worked. So I ran the Automate command on an entire folder, and it processed an entire folder of images really fast.

    I'm sure there is shareware that will handle this too, and maybe someone can chime in with some ideas.
    • Re: Thanks! Adding Metadata
      2004-06-20 18:00:26  sparrow4919 [View]

      I love my SL300RT, and working on iphoto has been a breeze. But I'm having trouble with movies. I shot a movie, it looks great on the camera. How do I download to my imac? (I probably need "student driver" directions.) My card is a Sandisk Ultra11 512, the one I see most often recommended.