End of Shutter Lag? The Contax SL300R T* Might Be the Sign of Good Things to Come
Subject:   iPhoto?
Date:   2004-03-25 13:08:15
From:   carl_stawicki
Response to: iPhoto?

I was interested in knowing this myself, so I contacted their support, and they said yes, it does work with iPhoto. I'm seriously considering this camera also.


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  • Derrick Story photo RE: iPhoto? -- You bet!
    2004-03-25 14:21:15  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Works great with iPhoto. When you plug it in the USB port, iPhoto identifies it as "IOUSBCompositeDevice" and happily imports all the pictures. In the metadata for the images, iPhoto correctly identifies the camera as:
    Maker: KYOCERA
    Model: CONTAX SL300R T*
    Software: CX- SL300R T*
    All the normal metadata appears including exposure, compensation, flash, ISO metering pattern, and focal length.

    Final bonus, since the Contax is a Mass Storage Device, it shows up on any desktop as a drive -- no software required.