The Well-Tuned Server, Part 1
Subject:   Managing individual's quota
Date:   2004-03-17 17:34:46
From:   asmac
We have an issue with users who save to common folders used by several employees and intended as a shareable resource (the science department or HR folder, for example).
Users contributing to these common folders may thereby prematurely run out of quota intended for their personal files. The simplest fix is to occasionally take administrative ownership of these shared folders so its files don't go against the quota of individual users. THis restores the individual's available quota and minimizes the number of special cases.
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  • Mitch Tulloch photo Managing individual's quota
    2004-03-18 11:19:22  Mitch Tulloch | O'Reilly Author [View]

    It sounds like your difficulty may be because you have users' personal folders and departmental shared folders on the same quota-enabled NTFS volume. Since quotas are implemented in Windows on a per-user per volume basis, files users create count towards their quotas regardless of what folder they are stored in on that volume.

    You might try moving the shared folders to a different NTFS volume and then enabling and configuring disk quotas on that volume.
    • Managing individual's quota
      2004-03-25 06:36:02  asmac [View]

      You are correct, of course, but it is not a practical solution as slicing and dicing limited physical disk space really limits future growth and changes. I find it's much better to keep a single flat volume whenever possible.