Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   Sony Ericsson phone problems
Date:   2004-03-12 13:08:43
From:   foster
I have used 3 of these phones over twelve weeks and all have had problems with the screen freezing and loss of function of all the buttons.
Freeze time can last 2-3 minutes to greater than 15 minutes. The first two were exchanged at the ATT Wireless store within the 30 day windows. The third was required to be done by mail. I am now demanding an exchange. The personnel at ATT Wireless personally reproduced the problem.
The Blue Tooth pairing to the Jabra would also unexpectedly drop.
I would never buy this phone.
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  • Sony Ericsson phone problems
    2004-12-27 11:24:16  thunder15 [View]

    well, i have this problem that it doesn't react anymore! but what do you think i should do? should i take out the battery or should i leave it in and wait until it's gettin' better? i don't know what to do?
    are you serious that this problem isn't caused by a virus?
    please write back. thx!