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  Will Mono Become the Preferred Platform for Linux Development?
Subject:   Patent isses with Microsoft remain a problem.
Date:   2004-03-11 20:47:00
From:   migueldeicaza
Response to: Patent isses with Microsoft remain a problem.

I went to read the patent you have pointed out
to, and I have failed to see how is it related
to XMLRPC.NET or RelaxNG.

It applies certainly to a distributed system of
some form, but it does not seem to have any relation
to XMLRPC.NET or RelaxNG.

It seems like you read over the "Abstract" part of
a patent, get scared, cry wolf, and come post to
the forum. You must read the claims, and
review point by point what is being described
there. They begin with very broad strokes
(sometimes due to prior art it will not apply)
and the refinement describes possible implementation
strategies for it.

The link you posted has no relationship with
with what we are doing; You would do yourself
a favor if you stop pretending to be a patent


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  • OS X - and other questions...
    2004-03-11 22:22:19  brianimator2 [View]

    will OS X be able to get in on this? I suspect yes...?? To the same degree as Linux? Is Microsoft going to rain on this parade?

    - Nervous, Excited