Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux
Subject:   need help finding some ps2 stuff
Date:   2004-03-11 02:26:42
From:   crdigits
Response to: need help finding some ps2 stuff

thats the Microsoft with the formats the HD and adds their own little bit of information so that when you install the PS2 linux it communicates with a section of the HD to verify its the one from the kit and not one you went out and bought...its how sony justifies the price acting like its a special HD...when its not...its a crappy Maxtor HD...i know casue i have that same crappy HD lying around somewhere
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  • need help finding some ps2 stuff
    2004-10-12 03:52:42  Sarah_of_PS2Linux [View]

    I'm afraid you're incorrect there.

    There are many, many, of our users who are using a standard IDE PC HDD in their PlayStation 2 to run Linux. We don't support doing it, but it appears to work for many people.

    The reason you can't buy the discs individually is purely operational - it's a lot of cost and work to break up the kits, and we'd be left with a lot of spares if this happened. It'd make more sense to drop the price of the kit, which we've already done once this year.

    Sarah Ewen, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe