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  Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Logging into CVS through Terminal
Date:   2004-03-02 13:41:42
From:   dmc
Hi. I'm pretty new to terminal. Does anybody know how to go about logging into a CVS system? I have my URL, username and password ready but I don't have a protocol. I've tried "connect to server" blah blah blah to no avail. Can someone please get me started? Thanks so much.
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  • Logging into CVS through Terminal
    2004-05-06 12:21:58  CaptainMikee [View]

    Do you have the CVS command line utility installed? I got it from fink.

    Once you have that, you can use the cvs command like so:

    cvs -d :pserver:your.project.org:/usr/local/cvsroot checkout yourproject

    You can read the rest of the documentation in the CVS Manual.