Opening Up the PlayStation 2 with Linux
Subject:   need help finding some ps2 stuff
Date:   2004-02-27 13:07:21
From:   ferrariman24
i no the linux has all that stuff in the kit i jus nedd the hard drive and the linux cd, and the vga cord. Where can i buy this stuff seperate without buying all that other stuff?
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  • need help finding some ps2 stuff
    2004-03-11 02:26:42  crdigits [View]

    thats the Microsoft with the formats the HD and adds their own little bit of information so that when you install the PS2 linux it communicates with a section of the HD to verify its the one from the kit and not one you went out and bought...its how sony justifies the price acting like its a special HD...when its not...its a crappy Maxtor HD...i know casue i have that same crappy HD lying around somewhere
  • need help finding some ps2 stuff
    2004-12-03 11:13:35  hector_sosa [View]

    From what I understand any IDE hard drive will work - just gotta make some tabs to fasten it into the drive bay. I'll send you a pic of mine if the page will let me post a pic. As for the software dvd's, find someone who's got the software and get them to burn a copy - cross your fingers the install finishes as the dvd drive becomes restricted by the software so that cd-r and dvd-r discs won't work. As for the official sony hard drive and vga cable, you're not gonna find them without buying used - sony doesn't even list part numbers for them.