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Subject:   Swing isn't slow, but...
Date:   2004-02-27 10:32:53
From:   coxcu
Swing isn't slow, but the only way most developers will ever believe that is by seeing Eclipse run quickly under Swing.

If Sun really believs that Swing is fast, they should provide resources to develop SWTSwing.

If IBM really believes that SWT is faster, they should provide port SWT to Swing so to prove it.

As obvious as it might sound, until a direct comparision can be made--no direct comparison can be made.

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  • Swing isn't slow, but...
    2004-03-11 00:40:56  salimma [View]

    Err... Eclipse actually uses SWT to draw its GUI, so it does not prove anything.

    Incidentally, the fact that it uses SWT is probably one of the reasons users compiling Eclipse to native code using GNU Compiler for Java did not report any noticable speed improvement..
    • Swing isn't slow, but...
      2004-05-19 04:33:11  qwerqwer [View]

      It's Eclipse that's slow, not SWT. You won't see much of an improvement in native compiling a stand alone SWT app because most of the time is in the operating system already. Java is already JIT'd so that won't get much faster either. The only reason to native complie is to build a stand alone executable.