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Subject:   How does PSP compare to Spyce?
Date:   2004-02-27 02:29:58
From:   g-rayman
Is Spyce [PSP] an implementation of PSP or a different framework with the same name?
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  • How does PSP compare to Spyce?
    2004-02-27 05:52:22  grisha [View]

    Different framewrok with a different name. I touch on the naming issue in the third paragraph of the article.
  • How does PSP compare to Spyce?
    2004-02-27 06:37:28  batripler [View]

    Spyce PSP has a number of advantages over mod_python PSP. A big plus is that it is portable, running over many webserver configurations, including mod_python. Spyce is also very fast, but it's written in pure Python. The Spyce PSP language supports first-class Spyce functions, which mod_python does not. This is useful for templating, among other uses. Spyce also supports active tags, ala JSP. Spyce supports threaded execution, comes with a rich set of pre-written standard modules. etc...