Introducing JavaServer Faces
Subject:   will JSF work on weblogic8.1
Date:   2004-02-26 02:08:41
From:   praneet_5183
i read ur article ,its very good.
i too deployed many jsf applications in tomcat but i am not able to deploy the jsf applications in weblogic8.1.will this weblogic support jsf?
i have another doubt, Will the deployment descriptor be the same for any jsf applications.
i will be waiting for your reply .
thanking you
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  • will JSF work on weblogic8.1
    2004-03-10 22:56:38  yajiv [View]

    weblogic8.1 is not presently supporting JSF reference impl. By the time the Final draft is out there might be some changes made.
    For the time being Java Web services developer's pack is a better option.