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  ADO.NET Connection Pooling Explained
Subject:   Oracle - how to validate connections
Date:   2004-02-24 15:16:40
From:   akeh
ODP.NET has recently introduced a new connection string attribute validate connection that should be set to true in order to validate connections coming out of the pool. By default, this property is set to false. This saves having to write any custom code to check for invalid connections coming out of hte pool. The attribute is available beginning with ODP.NET

Note that validation causes a round trip to the database for each connection coming out of the pool, which is very expensive in terms of performance. Therefore, this attribute should be used only if absolutely necessary.

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  • Oracle - how to validate connections
    2006-03-16 10:07:08  solutionsahead [View]

    Hi Akeh!

    I have a .Net - Oracle connection problem. Can you help?

    I have developed a E-business web application in Visual Studio.NET1.0 with ASP.NET, C# and Oracle9i as the database. The application is hosted on a windows Terminal Server with 2 GB RAM and 80 GB HDD resource.

    There is a lot of inactive sessions. The connections don't seem to be released from the pool whether I call dispose(), close(), or both, and this keeps building-up as users connect to the portal. We have used .NET 1.1 frame work with service pack 1 on the server. Can someone provide me with a solution recommendation asap?

    Thanks in anticipation?

  • Oracle - how to validate connections
    2006-01-04 12:19:44  random_ [View]

    Has anyone actually gotten this to work? I have tried both ODP and 9.0.7 with the same result:

    System.ArgumentException: Keyword not supported: 'validate connection'

    When adding "Validate Connection=true;" to the connection string. Also tried other variants with similar results.
    • Oracle - how to validate connections
      2006-08-03 08:23:57  martinjmac [View]

      Try "validcon=true"
    • Oracle - how to validate connections
      2006-03-06 08:16:44  paulwise3 [View]

      Hi, I just tried it with version and it gives no errors. So i suppose it works in this version.