Java Desktop Development
Subject:   We're Swingin'
Date:   2004-02-18 18:43:03
From:   gordyt
Hi Andrei! I enjoyed reading your article and am going to to post a link to it on our company's software forum for our manager's to read.

We are currently using Swing as the GUI framework for new application development. I have read a bit about SWT. Since we have to deliver client applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux, that pretty much made the determination for us.



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  • We're Swingin'
    2004-02-18 19:39:21  cyshang [View]

    do you have any books about "Java Reporting Tool"?
  • We're Swingin'
    2004-02-19 19:43:20  pmuellr [View]

    what made the determination for you? SWT runs on those three platforms ...

    I was a little disappointed by the note A port for Mac OS X is in the early access stage. I've been running Eclipse on my iBook for about a year now ... the SWT team may claim it's early access, but it works quite well for the most complex SWT application ever written (eclipse) :-)