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Subject:   Java vs. Objective C
Date:   2001-05-27 08:57:20
From:   derrick
Response to: Java vs. Objective C

Indeed Apple has made a tremendous commitment to incorporating the Java Framework in to Mac OS X. And I know from my discussions with them that they are very, very, excited about the prospects of Mac OS X becoming a primary Java development platform.

That being said, my impression is there's lots of excitment around Objective-C too. And I don't see it becoming an "either - or" situation any time soon.

I think one of the reasons that I'm so interested in Mac OS X is that there's Java, Objective-C, and Unix ... all in one beautiful install.

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  • Java vs. Objective C
    2001-05-28 01:30:39  laird [View]

    Just to elaborate a bit, Apple came to the same conclusions a few years ago, and you can currently write Cocoa applications in either Java or Objective C.

    I agree, though that Carbon remains the API if you want to code in C/C++ (or Object Pascal).

    BTW, TrollTech just ported QT to MacOS X, which I believe means that any KDE application ought to easily recompile for MacOS X. I haven't tried it myself, yet, but the demo's look great.