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  Programmatically Signing JAR Files
Subject:   not working example
Date:   2001-05-26 16:19:55
From:   belab
From where do I get the manifestBytes in the method signJarFile() at jos.write(manifestBytes, 0, manifestBytes.length); ?
Did anyone tested this example?


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  • not working example
    2009-06-22 23:05:53  Sanmoy [View]

    This example is incomplete .. and of no use.. there are certain unimplemented methods !!!!
  • missing SignatureFile class in JDK 1.5
    2007-10-16 03:19:58  craty [View]

    has anyone found the workout for the missing class sun.security.util.SignatureFile in JDK 1.5? If so please share the solution