Using PHP 5's SimpleXML
Subject:   Supported tagnames
Date:   2004-02-15 10:54:05
From:   vladimir-shapiro
What happens if i have the tag names with '-' symbol? For example: <first-name> or <last-name>?

Or when i use russian or german tagnames? Is it covered with SimpleXML?

wbr, Vladimir

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  • Supported tagnames
    2004-03-12 02:27:31  riffraff [View]

    It seem to me that SimpleXML will just work like JavaScript hashes, where you can safely write
    myHash.my_key just as long as my_key is a valid identifier.

    I suppose that everyone that does not use ascii-7 alphanumerics will be forced to use something else (I hope I'm wrong).

    I'd suggest to the writers to try out ruby's REXML library, cause that is a kick ass, powerful and free library. And SimpleXML behaviour can be reproduced in REXML with 5 lines of code ;)