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  Amazon and Open Source
Subject:   Amazon's "success"
Date:   2004-02-14 22:12:00
From:   eggboard
I see that Tim didn't use the word "successful" in his reply. Amazon.com has yet to be seen to be successful. They have enormous revenue, but they have to demonstrate a consistent ability to have positive earnings coupled with earnings growth to be a successful company. They have done a staggering job in reducing expenses while keeping prices low and running one of the most astounding data operations of all time. And they're clearly a sustainable business. But their success is still up for grabs. (Disclosure: I worked there in 96-97.)
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  • Amazon's "success"
    2005-04-01 03:15:12  mankuthimma [View]

    Initially, I was very sceptical about the Amazon type of businesses. Thought, it would drive away small bookstores, etc. But, I've reevaluated the value that biggies like Amazon brings to the society. Also, I hope Amazon never grows at a very fast rate. But instead, should consolidate and earn so much as to maintain itself and look forward to the next two to three years.