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Subject:   ammendments
Date:   2004-02-14 16:19:59
From:   kelvinc
I have been working through the Cookbook and wondered if there were any ammendments. I have a first edition and think I ordered it on the day/week it was released. I have found a few mistakes but being new to script writing (and computing) have taken solving them as part of the learning curve.
For example: Animating in a straight line should have the var anime declared as a new Object or 'anime.elimID = elemID' added to function animatePolygone on page 390 which also needs 'anime.' added to 'elimID' after initSLAnime(... in the same function. I have found others but think that if I knew more, no prob. I am a little stuck on the Creating a Draggable Element (13.11) though, hench my question are there any ammendments to this first edition. I have got the Definitive Reference but this particular code is different so it does not help. It just annoys me when I can't resolve what are nearly always my mistakes. Keep up the good work, what we need is a spam bomb - thanks kelvin
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  • ammendments
    2004-02-19 16:54:58  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

    You can find errata listed at

    As for the anime variable, I use the shortcut {} object creation syntax, rather than new Object() (see p.1172 of the DHTML Definitive Reference, 2nd ed.).

    The animatePolygon() function invokes initSLAnime(), passing the elemID along to that function, where anime.elemID is set to the value of elemID.

    Hope this helps.