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Subject:   which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
Date:   2001-05-25 14:16:13
From:   zaster
I have
Projectbuilder 3.0 (v67.1)
InterfaceBuilder 2.0 (v187)
which i bought with 'X' ~ April 24th. Or got with system update 10.0.3? - I think?

Projectbuilder does not have the same interface, menus or buttons as in your tutorial, (the buttons look like in 'X beta") and there is no "groups & files" title for the pane.
The created .nib files don't have the same names and can't be opened from InterfaceBuilder.

At is no other version of
Projectbuilder or InterfaceBuilder for me to download.


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  • which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
    2001-06-03 05:44:45  davehapa [View]

    I assume I'm using these versions as well, since they came from the same source. I also had the problem of the .nib files not opening from Project Builder. After I opened one directly from Interface Builder the other one started behaving as expected. It seemed that X just needed a little file extension guidance.

    Unfortunately, as noted in my message below, it was not enough to make a successful project.

  • Michael Beam photo which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
    2001-05-30 10:15:13  Michael Beam | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Sorry for the dealy in a reply. I'm in Europe right now and will be until the end of June. I can't check my version of project builder on my computer, but i just noticed in the first screenshot of this article are the PB release notes, which indicate i was using PB 1.0. Unforunately i can't investigate this much farther. If anyone else could help us out of this little snag i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!