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Subject:   which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
Date:   2001-05-25 14:16:13
From:   zaster
I have
Projectbuilder 3.0 (v67.1)
InterfaceBuilder 2.0 (v187)
which i bought with 'X' ~ April 24th. Or got with system update 10.0.3? - I think?

Projectbuilder does not have the same interface, menus or buttons as in your tutorial, (the buttons look like in 'X beta") and there is no "groups & files" title for the pane.
The created .nib files don't have the same names and can't be opened from InterfaceBuilder.

At http://www.apple.com/developer/ is no other version of
Projectbuilder or InterfaceBuilder for me to download.


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  • which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
    2001-06-03 05:44:45  davehapa [View]

    I assume I'm using these versions as well, since they came from the same source. I also had the problem of the .nib files not opening from Project Builder. After I opened one directly from Interface Builder the other one started behaving as expected. It seemed that X just needed a little file extension guidance.

    Unfortunately, as noted in my message below, it was not enough to make a successful project.

  • Michael Beam photo which version of ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder?
    2001-05-30 10:15:13  Michael Beam | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Sorry for the dealy in a reply. I'm in Europe right now and will be until the end of June. I can't check my version of project builder on my computer, but i just noticed in the first screenshot of this article are the PB release notes, which indicate i was using PB 1.0. Unforunately i can't investigate this much farther. If anyone else could help us out of this little snag i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!