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  PHP 4.3 and Mac OS X
Subject:   some advances
Date:   2004-02-12 05:50:31
From:   jeanloui
Response to: "./configure --with" does not seems to work

I have "fixed" some of this with the "BAD" php.ini option of
register_globals = On

(I must upgrade my scripts :(
But php.info still does not recognize the "--with-xxx" configures...

He IS managing the mysql, but he does not run the gd graphic libraries (for instance)

* Is there a way of forcing this ./configures whit declarations in php.ini ?

* Must I ./configure --with-xxx (All libraries) again?

* And every time that I ./configure , must I "make", "sudo make install" and change the php.ini ?? Or there is a short way for all that ??

* Is there an istruction in ./configure for knowing internally WHAT libraries are enabled?

You see: I still need the help!

(and I'll post here if I fix it)


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  • Adam Trachtenberg photo some advances
    2004-04-07 22:14:33  Adam Trachtenberg | O'Reilly Author [View]

    You should do a: "make clean" before you reconfigure anything if you want phpinfo() to display the correct configuration options.

    After the configure, you must do a "make," "sudo make install," and "sudo apachectl restart." The configure command only tells PHP how it should be configured when you build it using make, it doesn't make the changes itself.

    You don't need to copy or edit php.ini.
    • upgrading to 4.3.6
      2004-05-07 05:10:59  jeanloui [View]

      I have cleaned all and upgraded to 4.3.6 and builded and istalled png, jpeg and xml libraries

      Now my Configure Command looks like this:
      './configure' '--with-xml' '--with-zlib' '--with-gd' '--with-jpeg-dir=/usr/local' '--with-png-dir=/usr/local' '--with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs'
      and I can "imagecreate" png files!

      - I'm still running well the mysql 3.23.49 although no "--with-dbase" nor "--with-msql" configure commands appear: How is it possible?

      Thanks for all your great support!