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Subject:   Photography for a web site
Date:   2004-02-10 06:28:46
From:   neelyrobert
I'm trying to reproduce the look produced on various web shops where an item is placed on a white page and looks as if it is just floating there on the page - for example at http://www.ambermoods.co.uk/shop/
How do you take a picture like that that shows on a white background with no discernible border between the picture and the page? If you download the picture into photoshop or fireworks, there doesn't seem to be anything special about it but I can never get the whites to match!
Please help!
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  • Photography for a web site
    2004-02-11 21:22:44  southdakotafarmer [View]

    You need/can build a "product shot stand". This isn't tough. Do a search on product photography. When you get to one that is selling products it will have one in there. I built one using 1x2 lumber and "Brooder lamps" ($6), a sheet of plexiglass (that is the clear table top you are going to set the products on) and some nylon curtains. The floating image is done with a clear or white plexi table that draped starting at the front and rising to the back well above the product (look at pictures on the net, You'll get it).You place the product on this seamless white drape and shoot. Use Photoshop to color correct by selecting the background as the white reference in Photoshop 7 find image>adjustments>curves> (lower right hand corner, far right eye dropper)Set White point and you are now a pro because no matter what light your using it will come out crisp and very real white with the other colors balanced to that white point. And you are now a pro with no shadows and a floating object. OBSERVE ALL COMMON SENSE FIRE RULES!! THOSE LIGHTS GET HOT. DO NOT PUT LIGHTS AGAINST OR TOO CLOSE TO DRAPES!! Light it from both sides, the bottom, the top and the back!... In a perfect world you would also own a Kodak gray Scale or color chart (~$100) and place that in the corner of the shot and correct to that... Use nylon drapes to diffuse those lamps and any other diffusers you can think of...