Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Subject:   Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
Date:   2004-02-06 17:44:00
From:   Trackback from anonymous2
My latest O'Reilly article, "Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively": This is a tale of how Panther broke my automation and how, with a few days of disjointed searching, experimentation, and dreaming, I didn't fix the problem. Instead, we simply follow one man's obsession as he makes steadily more-desperate attempts to scratch a bothersome itch.
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  • Failing Miserably, If Not Inventively
    2004-02-06 18:48:39  mojobnichols [View]

    Find a jaguar copy, get your pppd scripts from there and plug'm in to your panther. It hasn't changed that much. Or ask around (freebsd users) for a pppd script that does what you want. I don't use a mac, but I play one on tv.