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  Getting Started with Microsoft InfoPath 2003
Subject:   Microsoft InfoPath
Date:   2004-02-04 06:57:29
From:   travisowens
Response to: Microsoft InfoPath

The end user MUST have INfopath 2003 installed in order to use yoru form. The form cannot be exported as a HTML form or anything else.

Forms cannot be re-used and if you make a change to yoru database structure, you MUST rebuild the form from scratch (sucks eh?).

Infopath does let you make simply data entry apps in a pure GUI fashion in a mere hour, but as you can see it has some severe shortcomings.

Hopefully MS can fill the database changes problem in the next version (almost makes you wonder if they did that on purpose to give us a reason to buy Office 2004).

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  • Microsoft InfoPath
    2005-09-03 12:52:49  datastreamcowboy [View]

    There are more and more 3rd party utilities for Infopath. I have seen several viewers and converters availible... ranging in price from free to quite pricy.
  • Microsoft InfoPath
    2004-03-18 02:02:28  t-fleischmann [View]

    It is possible to extract the complete InfoPath-file to various human-readable files (xml/xsl/xsd/js...) and to change these files.
    So it is probably possible to change the form when the database changed. But this will of course work only with small changes.
    • Microsoft InfoPath
      2004-09-09 06:10:19  Angeldeelight [View]

      How can I manage extracting InfoPath files to "human-readable" files such as .xsl or .xml? I've been trying desperately...
    • Microsoft InfoPath
      2004-05-12 14:35:40  bazango [View]

      I'm struggling with InfoPath. It seems that everything I want to do is exactly what it won't do. I am trying to create a form from a database with repeating sections. It won't let me bind to a field that is not a repeating field, but it won't let me change the properties of my fields so I can make them repeating fields. ARgnf! Whatheheck determines field properties? It never asked me!
      • Microsoft InfoPath
        2005-05-25 06:15:04  dracostheblack [View]

        In the data source view grab the object you want as a repeating section with a right click and drag it to the form. It will give options of what type of object you would like to make that datasource.

        Also I had a question how would one go about making a webservice that once you sumbit the form it consumes the forms data and saves so later you can make another form to access it? Like you have a timesheet that everyone fills out and then sumbits, after that the boss uses his mastersheet form to view all of the submissions.