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  Build Your First Cocoa App
Subject:   Keep it up
Date:   2001-05-21 07:49:01
From:   bradrice
This was a great column to get our feet wet. Keep it up. I look forward to this article. Apple really did provide us with some nice developer tools. I hope you will eventually cover the other tools as well. Or perhaps another column topic could cover them. Is the plist editor essentially an XML editor?

Brad Rice

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  • Michael Beam photo Keep it up
    2001-05-21 09:21:55  Michael Beam | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I'm glad you're liking the columns! I'll see what i can come up with as far as the other dev apps go. As far as the plist editor goes, i don't think it handles all things XML, just property lists. But then, property lists are used quite extensively in Cocoa.
    • Keep it up
      2001-05-21 11:43:55  bradrice [View]

      Oh, one thing I did want to comment on was -- thank you for the screen shots. At one point in the tutorial I ended up with different lists in the groups of classes in Project Builder. I probably would have gotten very frustrated if not for the screenshots. I realized I took a wrong fork in the road and went back and got back on track.