How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Can't get Keychain Access to accept Backup
Date:   2004-01-31 02:40:51
From:   F.J.
Response to: Can't get Keychain Access to accept Backup

Hi !

That's interesting indeed !

Unfortunately, I do not use the Adobe application you name and, therefore, cannot give you detailed information about the interaction that may exist between it and the Keychain...

The first thing to do would be to create a new backup file from Mozilla Firebird in order to make sure that the one you are using is not corrupted in any way. Then, try to open it in the keychain by using different methods : double-click, drag-and-drop, changing the default application in the "Get Info" window"... Indeed, these methods usually lead to slightly different results.

Also, S/MIME functionality has been added to Mail in Mac OS X v. 10.3 Panther. It is possible that Mac OS X v. 10.2 Jaguar handles such files differently.

Let me know if this helps,


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  • Can't get Keychain Access to accept Backup
    2004-01-31 04:17:36  khirt [View]

    Double-clicking the new backup file now launches Keychain Access, but that is all. I never get asked where to import it or any other indication that the keychain contains my private key. Drag-and-drop to an open KA window gets rejected, and I am never asked for the password created for the backup file using any method. I am running Keychain Access 3.0, and the backup file was creaed by Firebird 0.8.0+.
    • FJ de Kermadec photo Can't get Keychain Access to accept Backup
      2004-01-31 06:51:14  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Hi !

      The "Keychain Access" application included with Panther is version 3.1... There may be a difference between the Jaguar and Panther versions ?

      May I suggest that you post in the "Jaguar" forums of the Apple Discussions ? That way, more Jaguar users will be able to help you troubleshoot this issue...