The New Breed of Version Control Systems
Subject:   Not so fast...
Date:   2004-01-30 01:22:52
From:   chrisrimmer
CVS obviously has its problems. However, one advantage it has over the opposition is the very fact that it is the dominant player. This means that development tools are far more likely to integrate with it. Plus, your developers are much more likely to already know how to use it.
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  • Not so fast...
    2004-01-30 01:37:18  shlomif [View]

    As far as developers are concerned, they won't have any problem adjusting to a different version control system that is compatible enough with CVS. As for development tools, integration with them is a nice thing, but not a must to use such a tool. (you can always use the command line).

    Having used CVS before and using Subversion now, I can tell that I find CVS extremely painful to use now. I wouldn't recommend it for anything. I think we will eventually see CVS superceded by something else entirely, and one is advised to join the switch sooner than later.

    CVS - Die! Die! Die!