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  What's New in Tomcat 5
Subject:   JSTL
Date:   2004-01-29 10:21:54
From:   kschneid
Response to: JSTL

For JSTL, you still need to dump jstl.jar and standard.jar (if you're using the Jakarta Standard Taglib) into WEB-INF/lib. Also note that you should use JSTL 1.1 instead of 1.0.


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  • JSTL
    2004-01-30 15:43:54  jason_brittain [View]

    Yes, this is true. Thank you Dejan and Kris for alerting me to that fact, and for providing details. Also note that we've fixed the article to reflect this. The good news is that EL is indeed built right into Tomcat 5 for us all to use, which will help even more than any single tag library could.