What's New in Tomcat 5
Subject:   JSTL
Date:   2004-01-29 03:06:50
From:   krle
Are you sure JSTL is included in Tomcat 5.0? I have find no other way for working with JSTL besides adding necessery jar files in lib folder - just like I did with Tomcat 4.x.
There are no JSTL files in server's shared/commons lib folder. The only JSTL files I've noticed are within jsp-examples webapp - so I guess that other webapps should have them in order to work. Is it safe to copy these files into shared/lib or commons/lib?

Also, I think that JSTL is optional in J2EE 1.4 so app server vendors are not required to support it.


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  • JSTL
    2004-01-29 10:21:54  kschneid [View]

    For JSTL, you still need to dump jstl.jar and standard.jar (if you're using the Jakarta Standard Taglib) into WEB-INF/lib. Also note that you should use JSTL 1.1 instead of 1.0.

    • JSTL
      2004-01-30 15:43:54  jason_brittain [View]

      Yes, this is true. Thank you Dejan and Kris for alerting me to that fact, and for providing details. Also note that we've fixed the article to reflect this. The good news is that EL is indeed built right into Tomcat 5 for us all to use, which will help even more than any single tag library could.
      • JSTL 1.1 is out
        2004-01-31 08:58:45  krle [View]

        Since JSTL 1.1 RI is released now, I really hope it will be bundled with next Tomcat version.
        Anyway, I've enjoyed reading your text (and the book too). It has provided me with many useful information!