Connecting to the IPv6 Internet
Subject:   a small typo (but a giant leap for mankind)
Date:   2004-01-29 00:05:07
From:   joostd
Just for clarity:

A /48 IPv6 network prefix leaves you with 2^16 subnets, each of which may have up to 2^64 nodes. A small typo, but the caret symbol (^) makes quite a big difference here...

Great article BTW.

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  • a small typo (but a giant leap for mankind)
    2004-01-29 04:26:48  haddad_i [View]

    Sorry for the typo and thanks for the correction.

    here's some info on how it is broken down:

    Each /48 IPv6 prefix allows a site (a university, an organization, a company, ...)
    to have up to 2^16 subnets (2^16= 65.535 subnets).

    Each subnet could handle 2^64 nodes ( 2^64 = 18.446.744.073.709.551.616 nodes -
    each with distinct IPv6 address).

    Therefore, if you calculate the total number of unicast IPv6 addresses you get
    with a single /48 prefix, you get:

    2^16 subnets x 2^64 nodes = 1.208.925.819.614.629.174.706.176 IPv6 addresses.