What's New in Tomcat 5
Subject:   Benchmarks
Date:   2004-01-28 17:54:22
From:   jason_brittain
Response to: Benchmarks

So far, no benchmarks have been published. There has been a call for them on the tomcat-dev mailing list, but so far no published reports. They take time to specify what is to be tested, to run, and
to write up. I'm not surprised that nobody used
their holiday break for running benchmarks. ;)
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  • OutofMemoryException
    2005-11-15 01:45:46  Sat12 [View]


    I installed tomcat 5 on linux PC. After running for some time tomcat stops showing OutOfmemoryException. I tried to increase the memory size to 256 still i am getting the same error.. It seems that garbage collector is not working proprly ...!! Can any one pls tell me wht might be the cause.

    Thank you,