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Subject:   Turn the tables...
Date:   2004-01-26 12:09:32
From:   jimothy
Imagine in an organization observed that men, typically, are better logical thinkers than women* and therefore showed preference towards hiring men...and publicized this preference as something to be proud of! Such a move would not only be sure to cause an uproar, it'd also likely be legally challenged.

And yet it garners applause when the tables are turned.

* I don't mean to suggest I support this position, and am using it strictly as a hypothetical example for sake of argument.

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  • Turn the tables...
    2004-01-27 02:58:20  jwenting [View]

    Well said. For some reason it's not discrimination based on sex if it's the men being discriminated against (just as it's not discrimination based on race if those being discriminated against are caucasian).

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