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Subject:   RE: XCode please
Date:   2004-01-24 21:02:14
From:   derrick
Response to: XCode please

Indeed, deeper into Xcode, controller and otherwise, is a great request. Consider yourself heard (although we've been looking at it anyway). The toughest part -- finding a good writer on the subject.

Suggestions anyone?

Thanks for your comments!

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  • RE: XCode please
    2004-01-25 00:34:39  iopossum [View]

    Alright, let me begin by apologizing for the harshness of my original post. I'd like to point out however that my anger came from an appreciation for this site and a fear that it's quality may be decreasing. The original articles that were once published here got me hooked, they were several pages long and dealt with problems several of us had and things many of us wanted to do. However, I honestly saw no need for another "this is a variable this is a loop" article. The web is literally full of hundreds of these explanations and its simple not worth the effort to come out with another series of these, at least in my opinion. My frustration came from the fact that I look forward to these articles (I visit this site at least every day) and to have it be something that is lasrgely superficial and "yesterday's news" is a bit disappointing. Typing "cocoa one line browser" into google yields three distinct versions of this just quickly looking through, of which one is from Cocoa Dev Central which many of the people here probably visit as well. With this example in such abundance I would expect it to be a link on this site at the most. Now, this is "part 1" so I may be jumping the gun. This is just the impression I am getting and I am sorry if I offended anyone. I honestly didn't want to make anyone angry, I own quite a bit of Oreilly books and love them. I would also like to offer my services if it is true that many here are under time/money constraints since this is one of the few living mac dev sites and I don't want to see it die or go down. Here is the first of my own series of tutorials I have begun and would be more than willing to contribute to this site instead of the one I'm currently writing for: .
    • Derrick Story photo RE: XCode please
      2004-01-25 17:23:26  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Alright, well let's get back on track. First item, thanks iopossum for your note. No hard feelings :)

      In general, I hope we're to the point where we agree to tolerate a little diversity in our articles, ranging from beginning developer to advanced programmer, plus news, commentary, and for god sakes some fun. I think we publish enough content on Mac DevCenter to accommodate these different levels.

      That being said, I do want contributions from advanced programmers (always have), and I want them to show off their stuff right here. Send me your ideas in the body of an email, and I will get back to you. Almost every article I publish starts this way.

      As for my part, I will continue to look for writers who have the time to produce advanced articles. As you guys know, the people who can do this are some of the busiest in the world. I'll do my best to cajole work out of them. But it's a team effort here, and I need your help.
      • RE: XCode please
        2004-01-25 21:28:40  Andrew Anderson | [View]

        (I feel a bit like I am jumping in a little late.. unfortunately I was out of town and off the net the whole weekend... but I feel like i need to add my 2 cents)

        I understand that the first article was a little basic and that it was not the most novel concept. the thing is the goal for this topic was always two articles: part one with the basics, part two with more meat. i felt it would be confusing to readers to jump right into the intracies of webkit without having a backgroud article for readers to refer to.

        that being said, if there is anything that anyone is specifically looking for in part 2, let me know and I will try my best to include it in the article. i need specifics though, not something like "more technical details of webkit".

        as derrick said, it's a team effort, i can't deliver what you want in an article unless i know what it that is.


        • RE: XCode please
          2004-01-31 11:19:30  jbakse [View]


          I originally took a look at this tutorial thinking there was a small chance there might be a little information I could apply towards creating an javascript aware environment.

          I know that this is something that probably wouldn't fit in the next article that well, but I thought this was as good a place as any to get in a request. I'd love to see an article about embedding a javascript environment.

        • RE: XCode please
          2004-01-28 18:38:23  keath [View]

          Thanks Andrew,

          I would just like to see you follow up with what you outlined at the end of the article. For example, updating the URL line.

          I saw the 'Mac OS X State of the Union' video at ADC. Towards the end, it was demonstrated how to set up a browswer using WebKit very quickly. Using XCode, it was easy to set up the outlets from the UI elements to the WebView; but I don't understand how the new controller mechanism was used to do the reverse: update the UI from WebKit.

          It would be great if you could explain not only WebKit, but something about how this new tool works.
          • RE: XCode please
            2006-01-31 07:02:02  speth [View]

            i've posted some code at that does something like this. it is a framework with an Interface Builder palette that lets you use Cocoa Bindings to access values in the WebView. the sample.nib file included implements a live CSS inspector panel entirely with bindings. (try running sample.nib in the Interface Builder simulator)