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Subject:   RE: Again?
Date:   2004-01-24 09:41:32
From:   derrick
Response to: Again?

Not "again" on Mac Dev though. If you've already read a similar article somewhere else, that's great. But we don't have any coverage of WebKit in our archives, and I think it's important to cover. Since we publish 2-3 original features a week, I think the odds are good there'll be something more to your tastes soon.

As for O'Reilly's "quality has done nothing but go down," you are way out of line. If you look at the recent Panther books we've published, they are top notch and comprehensive. Our Mac OS X Conference is a one of a kind event and has received excellent feedback from attendees.

Mac DevCenter is O'Reilly's effort to provide free Mac information, news, weblogs, and commentary to those interested in developing for the platform, want to try their hand at developing, or enjoy a community with others who have similar interests.

If the content on this site doesn't do it for you. Fine, That's fair. We can't be everything to everyone. There are lots of good things on the Web that I'm sure are better suited to your tastes.

But don't come to my house and insult my family just because you don't like what's being served.

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  • RE: Again?
    2004-01-24 11:42:15  josephbriggsorn [View]

    lopossum was quite harsh in his criticism but he does have a glimmer of a point. The Cocoa tutorials once were in-depth and inspiring, but now they tend toward the basics. I don't mind so much since I do access those other sites you intimate, but it would be nice to get the same depth from O'Reilly since I really like the site.

    Of course a zero code browser tutorial must be done but even at my basic level, I've done this on my own as soon as I installed XCode (it is that easy). What I and lopossum and others like us might appreciate more would be a deeper look at WebKit, like how it interprets and renders html content. I think a small(ish) split view html editor tutorial would be awesome. I would be very willing to read through four 4 to 6 page installments for something like that.

    I hope I don't sound like I'm "insulting your family," I would just like to think that O"Reilly is capable of serving the basic, intermediate and advanced developers/hobbyists who visit their site.