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  BYOB: Build Your Own Browser
Subject:   gracias
Date:   2004-01-23 18:52:22
From:   restiffbard
Thanks for the quick tut'. It's nice to have a solid article to give someone a jumpstart on a project. Not to blow smoke but this is why O'reilly gets so many page views from me.
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  • BYOB
    2007-01-03 23:46:55  neely3d [View]

    I am using Cocoa as a novice. I have alot of scripting language skill, and a little C experience, so I'm not surprised this isn't working right off the bat for me. Here's the deal. I have gone through the steps and created my browser. It compiles with "Success". The only problem is that it doesn't open up after the compile, and there's no compiled application in the project directory. Any clues here? I'm using XCode 2.4, Component versions
    Xcode IDE: 759.0
    Xcode Core: 757.0
    ToolSupport: 733.0

    Any help is appreciated.

    • BYOB
      2007-11-28 23:12:39  Tony_Jefferson [View]

      My money is on neglecting to include the WebKit framework - that's what I did the first time through.