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  How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Case sensitivity?
Date:   2004-01-22 09:01:57
From:   mhelbing
A friend just received his Thawte personal certificate yesterday (he is using Thuinderbird on some flavor of Windows). When he sends me an email, Panther's Mail.app recognizes that his message is signed, but I see a yellow bar that says something like "Cannot verify message." I verified my Keychain, and it did successfully import my friend's certificate. The only inconsistency I notice is that his certificate uses some capital letters, but the "from:" header of his email use all lowercase letters. Could this be the problem?
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  • Case sensitivity?
    2004-11-23 13:34:16  legacyb4 [View]

    Yes, case sensitivity seems to be an issue with verifying the signature in Mail. My outgoing work address on my Exchange server was set as UserName@domain.com and the certificate was registered to username@domain.com.

    While Outlook didn't seem to mind, Mail balked at wanting to verify the signature; after correcting the outgoing address to all small caps, Mail now shows no warnings.
  • FJ de Kermadec photo Case sensitivity?
    2004-01-22 09:34:11  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Hi !

    This could indeed very well be the problem !

    You may want to suggest to your friend to either get a new certificate for an all lowercase version of the address or to change the settings of his Mail.app so that the address is entered in the exact same way than on the certificate, caps included.

    Let me know if this helps !

    • Case sensitivity?
      2004-01-22 18:29:08  mhelbing [View]

      My friend changed the case of his email account settings to match the case of his email address in the certificate, and now all works fine.