How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Doesn't Work :-/
Date:   2004-01-22 02:23:09
From:   timb
Response to: Doesn't Work :-/

I just have the the private key and cert in my login Keychain.
So I have one item in the keychain called "Timothy Brown's GeoTrust Inc. ID" and for kind it says "private key, RSA, 2048-bit"

Then I have another item called "Timothy Brown", Its common name is "Timothy Brown" and email is "" I checked these against whats in and it is correct...

Everything appears to be just doesn't work.. I've tried it on my iBook as well, no go.. :-/

The sad thing is I payed $20 for this cert.. (The GeoTrust cert uses a voice verify system so its a tad more "secure")


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  • Doesn't Work :-/
    2004-01-25 01:12:11  dignan [View]

    I had the same issue, because I chose to get my cert from rather than verisign. This page has the fix:

    Hope that helps.
    • Doesn't Work :-/
      2004-02-02 00:46:31  timb [View]

      Ahh, heck yes! Thank you! This works wonders!
      Here is a link to GeoTrust's CERT: