Managing Your Dependencies with JDepend
Subject:   Pasta, anyone?
Date:   2004-01-22 02:04:38
From:   bazzargh
The tool I use for this stuff is Pasta, a very nifty free download from Compuware (not open source though)

While it does the metric thing, it can also refactor your code should you decide to move things between packages etc, and its UI is nicer than Jdepend's. Thoroughly recommended.

For a more static view with more metrics, I also like PMD (

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  • Pasta, anyone?
    2004-05-10 06:55:22  stinkyminky [View]

    I have used both Pasta and JDepend. I like Pasta because it gives you nice GUI interface to see the dependencies among packages. However, they are *NO* longer free version to download. I don't know if I have old copy of download because I got a new computer. So I guess I'm stuck with JDedend.