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  How to Set Up Encrypted Mail on Mac OS X
Subject:   Doesn't Work :-/
Date:   2004-01-22 01:44:01
From:   timb
I purchased a S/MIME certificate from GeoTrust, and followed your instructions for installing it from Firebird. Mail.app doesn't seem to see it, but the cert and key show up in the Keychain (Timothy Brown, GeoTrust as a CA, 2048-bit...)

Any ideas?


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  • FJ de Kermadec photo Doesn't Work :-/
    2004-01-22 01:48:51  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Hi !

    Would you be sure that the certificate issued by GeoTrust uses the right format, you may want to check the following points :

    Is the Keychain in which your certificate is stored really imported in the Keychain Access application ?
    Is the certificate issued for the e-mail address that you are trying to use ?
    Do the address printed on the certificate and the one used by Mail.app use use the same capitalization structure ?

    Let me know if this helps !

    • Doesn't Work :-/
      2004-01-22 02:23:09  timb [View]

      I just have the the private key and cert in my login Keychain.
      So I have one item in the keychain called "Timothy Brown's GeoTrust Inc. ID" and for kind it says "private key, RSA, 2048-bit"

      Then I have another item called "Timothy Brown", Its common name is "Timothy Brown" and email is "sysop@timb.us" I checked these against whats in mail.app and it is correct...

      Everything appears to be correct..it just doesn't work.. I've tried it on my iBook as well, no go.. :-/

      The sad thing is I payed $20 for this cert.. (The GeoTrust cert uses a voice verify system so its a tad more "secure")

      • Doesn't Work :-/
        2004-01-25 01:12:11  dignan [View]

        I had the same issue, because I chose to get my cert from cacert.org rather than verisign. This page has the fix:

        Hope that helps.
        • Doesn't Work :-/
          2004-02-02 00:46:31  timb [View]

          Ahh, heck yes! Thank you! This works wonders!
          Here is a link to GeoTrust's CERT: