Managing Your Dependencies with JDepend
Subject:   v for ?
Date:   2004-01-21 18:52:55
From:   smontgom
great article. the first thought i had was should i actually look at it for my code... :)after removing the initial fears i gave it a shot. really easy to use and i also admit to a few cyclic dependencies. however, with release 2.6, i had a "V" metric. nothing in the release notes on this. and you can imagine that liberal "grep"-ing for a "V" is less than informative. it seems okay though - since every value for V was 1. any ideas? (these approaches really contribute back to the design instead of more prevalent sloc accounting). cheers.
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  • v for ?
    2004-01-22 08:24:26  shadeltd [View]


    Search for it on the page, and you'll find this bit of explanation and a whole lot more...

    "Packages that are not expected to change can be specifically configured with a volatility (V) value in the file. (...) For example, a package like java.lang is generally not volatile. That is, for all practical purposes this package is maximally stable. Creating dependencies on it is not cause for concern. Thus, if you include this package in analysis, it's best to set its V=0."