Open Source in Government: Newport News, Va.
Subject:   FOSS not that unusual in government settings
Date:   2004-01-19 00:38:40
From:   toddogas
Response to: FOSS not that unusual in government settings

Umm. I think we may have crossed wires somewhere. I don't recall saying anything about building projects in isolation. But, no offense taken on my part in any case. Best wishes in your efforts!

And, this article in Government Technology Magazine from their May 2003 issue may clarify some of my points. We have come a long way in the year since we spoke with GovTech, btw:

Government Technology Magazine (May 2003): Something for Nothing?

Again, best wishes in your efforts!...todd

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  • Todd Ogasawara photo FOSS not that unusual in government settings
    2004-01-19 01:54:03  Todd Ogasawara | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Ah... I see my error. The "you" you refer to in building a repository refers to yourself. My apologies for not interpreting your comments correctly the first time. All the best...todd