Open Source in Government: Newport News, Va.
Subject:   FOSS not that unusual in government settings
Date:   2004-01-18 19:08:25
From:   anonymous2
Response to: FOSS not that unusual in government settings

If you are implementing Open Source products for a particlar use, or developing one or more Open Source applications for a single purpose, then it is best to keep it "under the radar". The press getting involved may only hurt your efforts.

But, if you are trying to build a shared repository of software for local government, then you need participation and the press may be helpful. "Just build it quietly" would not be a practical alternative. There is too much work to do for any one person or organization.

Andy Stein

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  • Todd Ogasawara photo FOSS not that unusual in government settings
    2004-01-19 00:38:40  Todd Ogasawara | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Umm. I think we may have crossed wires somewhere. I don't recall saying anything about building projects in isolation. But, no offense taken on my part in any case. Best wishes in your efforts!

    And, this article in Government Technology Magazine from their May 2003 issue may clarify some of my points. We have come a long way in the year since we spoke with GovTech, btw:

    Government Technology Magazine (May 2003): Something for Nothing?

    Again, best wishes in your efforts!...todd