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Subject:   numbers as option text?
Date:   2004-01-16 09:30:10
From:   anonymous2
when i attempt to use the code with numbers as option text, sorted or not, type ahead does not work. after entering the second character, the pull-down skips to a entry that starts with that character.
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  • numbers as option text?
    2004-01-16 09:38:16  anonymous2 [View]

    correction: numeric type ahead does not work when i use the numeric keypad on the keyboard.

    why would that be any different? is the numeric keypad input not buffered the same way that the regular one is?
    • numbers as option text?
      2004-01-16 11:02:13  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

      With the onkeydown event, we're dealing with key codes, not character codes. The key codes for the numeric keypad are different from the key codes across the top of the keyboard.
      But there is an simple relationship between the two sets, and the way to account for it is to insert a small corrector statement in the typeAhead() function after the line that reads: var charCode = evt.keyCode. Here's the new code to add:

      // correct for NumPad digits
      if (charCode >= 96 && charCode <=105) {
      charCode = charCode - 48;

      That should let the numeric keypad (and top row numbers) work with option values consisting of numerals.

      In hindsight, I'd word some of the comments in the article code differently to prevent giving the impression the event is working with character codes.
      • numbers as option text?
        2004-10-11 07:50:13  wolffy [View]

        Thank you, for this code. I have been look for code like this for some time. And this is the fastest. I added your updated code, so the tab and numeric look ahead is working fine. but when I go over a number that is not found the last digit resets the look ahead function and starts all over with the last number. I am using it to type ahead through 10,200 numbers. It works fine with 9168 numbers, but If I ad one more to the select object the nearest fails. Can you help?
        • numbers as option text?
          2004-10-14 12:05:34  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

          10+K entries! No wonder you've been looking for this kind of functionality. :-)

          Unless IE does something innately weird when a select element's options exceed 9168 (a stress point, I would imagine), I can think of a couple things to try.

          First, experiment with longer values for the delay property of the typeAheadInfo object constructor function.

          It's also possible that with so many options, the scripting bogs down with repeated fetches of the options for each keystroke. Perhaps rework the code to perform the retrieval just once (at onload time) and preserve the list in a global variable for faster subsequent retrievals.

          • numbers as option text?
            2004-10-14 12:07:29  Danny Goodman | O'Reilly Author [View]

            (Sorry about the bad formatting.)

            Let me try that again:

            First, experiment with longer values for the delay property of the typeAheadInfo object constructor function.