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  Myths Open Source Developers Tell Ourselves
Subject:   plz dont stain opensource.
Date:   2004-01-14 03:55:53
From:   anonymous2
im a student & i luv open source. Its like god to me. coz the idealogy of the open source is that gr8, share wat ever u have etc... I think the author is a MS supporter, coz he always tries to criticize the open source s/w & tries to point out the miniature drawbacks. Wat he says mite b partially true, but infact the hacker community & other gurus r born out of the open source development. If something's difficult it doesnt mean u run frm doin it.
The author considers a very less domain of developers from the vast open source development population.
& i dont understand wat harm does it do to give the code as part of the s/w. Its afterall jus a fraction of the total size of the s/w.
The source code is for the ppl who can take pains to get the gains they want, if ur talkin abt the desktop scenario then frgt it. I jus cannot understand how ppl jump to conclusions so easily, u need to consider a broader range of the development community for such kinda discussion.
Plz dont stain Open Source.
A revolution cannot survive without much support & open source has enuf of it.
Im bent at serving the opensource community & wud do my part. But the kinda attitude the author displays is not at all recomended. Its like u loose all the time so y try again!!!
The author has a good way of presenting his point thou, he lacks the punch that cud satisfy the pro's. & also he's backed by his frail argument.
sorry for such stringent remarks mr.author but i had to putforth my point too.
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  • plz dont stain opensource.
    2005-10-06 14:34:36  ivetter [View]

    O'Reilly really needs some kind of comment moderation system.

    The above comment is the first comment seen. I feel like an idiot for reading O'Reilly blogs.

  • plz dont stain opensource.
    2004-01-20 14:40:41  anonymous2 [View]

    Anuther stirling manafesto... :-)

    Seriously, someone pointed out recently a difference between the Linux and Microsoft cultures which seems applicable here. Linux programmers write code to make writing programs easier. Microsoft programmers write code to make using applications easier. Programmer oriented. User oriented. Fortunately, purists are a self-editing meme pool.
  • plz dont stain opensource.
    2004-01-14 09:41:46  chromatic | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Actually, I categorize myself as a Free Software developer who's made most of the mistakes in the article.

    My goal isn't to discourage people from writing and distributing open source software -- far from it. I'd just like to counter some of the less realistic claims that a few overzealous (though well-intentioned) folks have spread over the years.

    You're right about not running from difficult things. Hopefully it will be easier for people interested in contributing to know when they face something difficult.