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  Five More Annoying PC Annoyances
Subject:   dual monitor support for XP
Date:   2004-01-10 15:39:23
From:   randoo53
Hi Steve,
EXCELLENT book and thanks for the 5 additional annoyances. I have been having problems with the dual monitor support that XP has. It seems that if more than one user in our family logs on, my desktop picture gets kind of garbled, if I just switch users. (Logging on and off takes too much time) I suppose they failed to mention I may need better hardware than any two monitors? (am using 2 flatscreens presently, with a Presario 5003. 11MB shared video memory) Windows problem or my lack of equipment?
Keep up the fantastic work and can we hope for a Part Deux of Annoyances??
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  • dual monitor support for XP
    2004-01-11 14:59:44  anonymous2 [View]

    Delighted you're enjoying the book, Randy. I'll have another four or five annoyances on the site in about two weeks.

    Shared video memory could be the problem. The downside of shared memory is it's gobbling up memory programs would use; worse, the systemboard memory just ain't as fast as video memory.

    Look around for another Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) video card.

    Here's more info:

    And the next book? It's still up in the air.

    Steve Bass
    PC Annoyances: http://snurl.com/annoy